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Plague has erupted periodically throughout most of human history. The plague bacterium, Yersinia pestis, is transmitted by fleas found on many common mammals and through the air as victims develop respiratory symptoms and suffer from coughing spells. This easy transmission has made plague responsible for some of the highest death rates from any epidemic disease in history. ""Plague, Second Edition"" examines the disease from an epidemiological perspective. Studies of the historical European plague outbreaks, known as the Black Death, examine the role animals play in the spread of disease and the human cost of such a widespread outbreak. This revised edition includes new photographs and illustrations as well as updated statistics on modern plague outbreaks in the American Southwest. The chapters include: Historical Overview; Causes of the Plague; Cats, Rats, Prairie Dogs, and Squirrels; Diagnosis; Treatment; Prevention; The Problems of Antibiotic Resistance; Concerns for the Future; and, Hopes for the Future.

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Norah Waugh's book has, for many years, been the definitive work of reference for teachers and students of fashion design, for dress designers, for costume makers - and...

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This unique collection recaptures the glory of the Olympian gods and the exploits of divine and mortal heroes. Based on classical Greco-Roman art, its sources range from book...

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Here be Cats! Over 40 colorable pages of cats. From domestic kittens to large jungle cats. Each image is printed with thicker outlines to contrast with whatever coloring...

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‘On Valentine’s Day’ PreReader Product Volume 6 was designed as an assisted learning aide in word recognition and beginning comprehension through visual representation-to...

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"The most substantive biography of the artist to date...propulsive, positive and persuasive."—Holland Cotter, New York Times Book Review **Finalist for the PEN / Jacqueline...

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