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Written and edited by experienced math teachers, No Calculators, Please! focuses on building key arithmetic skills including addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.Suitable for students at U.S. grade 3 math level and up, the comic offers children a clear, friendly and plain English understanding of the skill of long division.Told through an imaginative cartoon tale about a chess clock called Desmond who hails from America's olden days and the time of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the Yamie Chess characters (who represent each chessboard piece) whisk children's imagination away to a magical dream world of division icebergs and math rainforests in a numbers adventure set around the Scholar's Mate position on the board.Information for Parents and TeachersGiving students a supplemental grounding in long division principles and number operations, young learners will either revise or learn from scratch the life skill of how to do basic arithmetic operations as part of the long division algorithm, without using a calculator.No Calculators, Please! is a math comic that will nurture children's confidence in counting, analyzing numerical data and handling arithmetic, making kids more independent and able to do more arithmetic in their heads without relying on computers and calculators.Aligned to the NCTM standards, the math comic explores the Scholar's Mate position in classic chess, so kids will also learn how to nicely checkmate their friends (and parents!) in just 4 moves!

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